Kidney Transplant

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When it comes to a kidney transplantation and the NCLEX, most of the questions are going to be focused on the nurse’s responsibilities.

Below are several highlighted key point duties for the nurse to be aware of before and after the transplantation. Remember these are just the main ones and are not limited to just these.


  • Administer immunosuppressive medications 2 days before transplantation
  • Verify hemodialysis of recipient was completed 24 hours before transplantation
  • Assess renal function studies
  • Maintain strict aseptic technique


  • WATCH for urine output and immediately report ¬†an output less than 100 ml/hr
  • Note that urine is pink and bloody initially but returns to normal within several days
  • Monitor fluid balance labs and IV fluids closely
  • Kidney transplant rejection signs: temp 100 F and higher, chills, edema, hypertension, hypertension, 2-3 lb weight gain, pain and tenderness over kidney.

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