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Bad Gait

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Walking with canes or assisting someone to walk and knowing where to stand is of course on the NCELX!

Remember the acronym C.O.A.L

C- Cane




So if assisting someone without a cane, you will stand in place of the cane. It is the same procedures.

Remember when going up and down stairs. Good leg to heaven and bad leg goes to hell. So when going up the stairs, the good leg with always go first. When descending stairs, the bad leg will always go first .

Bleeding in Pregnancy

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There are two similar disease processes in females that can trip you up quite easily on the NCELX. The symptoms are key to know by heart.

Placenta Previa: Painless (Think the three P’s) bright red bleeding.

Abruptio Placentae: Uterine irritability, tenderness, abdominal pain, painful vaginal bleeding.


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A strategy to use in knowing what to do first between assessment or implementation answers with a mom in labor is pretty difficult. Here is what I found to be true.

If a mom comes into the unit saying she is in active labor, the first action here would be to listen to the fetal heart sounds or observe the perineum for progress in dilation.

Once the patient’s water breaks, first check the fetal heart rate.

If there is cord prolapse, IMPLEMENT first. Place the patient in trendelenburg position.

Radiation Therapy

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When your patient is on radiation therapy such as having  a cervical implant, here are a couple rules that have to be in place when you are caring for them.

visitors stand 6 Ft away
Only care for patient 30 min at a time
flush toilet 2x after use
wash laundry separately ( Keep linens in room)
Drink extra fluids
Separate eating utensils

Quick Fact: Once a cervical implant is placed for radiation, the patient must be on bed rest for 3 days to ensure the implant does not fall out. If it does, it must only be picked up with metal forceps, not your hand.

Special Diets

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Therapeutic diets can be tricky questions on the NCLEX a lot of times coming in forms of Select All That Apply type of questions.

Cystic Fibrosis Diet

High Calorie
High Protein

Renal Diet

High calorie
Low Protein
Low K
Low Na
Restrict Fluid intake

Gout Diet

Low purine
No poultry (cold chicken)

Jewish Diet (Kosher Diet)

No salt
No eggs
No milk
Hooved animals are ok to eat

Happy Monday Facts!

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Some quick and easy memorization facts to help you with your studying!

1. Morphine masks Increasing Intracranial pressure. Therefore if you have a patient come in with head trauma or any suspected neuro issues, do NOT give them morphine.

2. Prednisone is a steroid and has a hyperglycemic side effect. The second most significant side effect is Immune Deficiency.  For example, if a patient taking Prednisone is placed with another patient who is febrile, that would be bad nursing judgement.

Tip for the week

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ACE Inhibitors ( ends in pril) have two key side effects to look out for.

Also Does not work on African Americans.

So if you have a question about a patient taking Captopril, make sure they are not eating leafy green vegetables because it will increase their potassium lab value.


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After struggling for six months after graduation trying to pass NCLEX, I made it my goal to help as many aspiring nurses as possible to pass their boards. I hope to encourage you as you begin your journey with rigorous studying and pass along invaluable wisdom that I learned along the way.